Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tevis, Mentors, and More!

For those of you who are members and participating in the team or individual competition, you should have received our 2nd Edition of the Newsletter last week.  (If not, please check your spam and let us know if you don't find it!)

We are aware of 3 Green Beans to follow at Tevis:
Rachel Manley #107
Denise Fissel #143
Ken Campbell #166

Remember you can follow along on the Facebook Group!

Scoreboards are updated!  Don't forget to check them out :)

Are you still searching for a Mentor?  Check out this list from AERC by region and drop one a note!
Many are willing to be "remote" mentors too, so don't be afraid if they aren't local to you.  There is also a "Riding Partners" list on that page too.

If you haven't completed the Endurance Essentials online "clinic" yet, don't forget you get 20% off through our Discounts page! (password was provided via email in Feb)

Keep up the great work - Beans have logged almost 16,000 miles in completions, 65 "pulls", and 352 entries for "bonus points!" (clinics, volunteering, mentors, intro rides).

Friday, March 2, 2018

20 Mule Team

Congratulations to our members who completed rides at 20 Mule Team! 

Three members completed their first 100 mile endurance ride! Denise said it was "windy, painful, miserable, exhilarating, and rewarding". 

  •  Rachel Manley on Mystical Dancer (Peanut) 
  • Kristin Ojala on Shoubrah Lanni 
  • Denise Fissel on MCA Dark Star (Gabe). 

 Jenni Gomez on Sushi (Sioux) finished a 50 - a first for her horse.

 Jeanlaurie Ainsworth on Deste Tocata finished her first 50. She said it was her first 50 in 45 years, with the American River Ride completion from back in 1973. What a comeback, Jeanlaurie!

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year, New Teams! Now what?!

There's a lot of buzz right now going on over in our Facebook group, discussing where everyone is from and what kind of horses everyone rides.  Teams are forming and questions are starting to crop up. 

Checking off the to-do list is pretty easy for a few items like joining AERC and Green Beans, and with the help of our teams coordinator, finding a team is pretty straightforward.  Fill out a survey and we'll get you matched up.  Actually figuring out where to go next can be a bit overwhelming!

Patti Stedman wrote an excellent blog article "Top Ten Questions Endurance Green Beans Ask" that might help you with some of your questions.

There's also a variety of books that have been written on the subject, many of which you can find listed on the MnDra.com website.  MnDRA is the local endurance riding club, short for Minnesota Distance Riders Association. 

Attending an Endurance 101 clinic or taking the Endurance Essential online course will set you up with excellent information before heading out to your first endurance event.

Finding a mentor can be challenging - here's a great place to start looking for one.

AERC Regional Mentors
UMECRA Mentors 
SEDRA Mentors

Other state & local clubs listing:

I hope this helps with a few of those initial questions.  And just for fun, here's a video I took of my first novice ride.  It's not fancy but might give you a flavor for what a novice\intro ride  might be like. 

~ Deb

Sunday, December 3, 2017

They rode all the miles!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 Green Bean'ers who miled out this season. May you continue to ride, learn, and share your experiences with the rest of us.

  • Flash Accardo (Blazin Belles)
  • Maranda Bibb (Blazin Belles)
  • Vicki Daggett Nickels (Coast to Coast)
  • Andrea Maitland (Mustang Endurance Horse)
  • Elise Levasseur Rogers (Mustang Endurance Horse)
  • Daniel Mccaslin (Rockin Mountain Monstas)
  • Beth Frieders (Wild Unicorns)
  • Kimberly Slamp Fosler (Wild Unicorns)

Time to sign up for 2018 Teams!


  • If you don't have 5 people right now, it's okay. Leave the names blank and pick "open spot". 
  • If you don't have a team name picked out, leave it as Team Number x. You have until Feb 15th to decide on a name.
  • If you are waiting to hear back from someone, enter their name and pick "tentative".
  • Try to appoint one person to keep this list up to date for your team.
  • Enter complete information for each teammate.

Use this survey and we'll help.


  1. Teammates do not need to live by each other. These are virtual teams. 
  2. All ages and mixes of experiences can be on a team.
  3. All miles you complete with for all of your horses go to the team total.
  4. Team registration ends Feb 15.
  5. Riders may only be substituted after Feb 15 if no team miles have accrued. One swap only.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Season ending! Time to get all activity submissions sent.

Today is the last day of the 2017 season!  To help us get the year end results announced, please submit final activities now.

We are working on setting up the team registration forms and scoreboards for the upcoming season. Watch for announcements on Facebook and in your e-mail for updates on how to do that process.

Also remember there are several "Green Bean" FaceBook groups.  Our group is called Green Bean Endurance Challenge. Any questions regarding the competition should be posted in our group four quickest response.  Or message us through our Facebook page.  We will return your message as soon as possible. The North American Endurance Green Beans FaceBook group is not affiliated with the program's administration. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

What happens in the dark......

In true Green Bean tradition, the scoreboards are dark for the rest of the season! This tradition started in season one, to help keep our focus on healthy and happy horses and adding a little suspense to the season end! Some of you hate this, some of you love it! To honor this tradition, Two Horse Tack is donating items for us to give away to anyone completing a 'first' in October and November. If you finished your first LD, first 50-75-100, first back to back, got your first BC, or even your first pull, we'll toss your name in a hat for a drawing.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Exciting news!! Green Bean Endurance is an official AERC program!!

Howdy Green Beans!

We have some exciting news!  After three successful years of existence, Green Bean Endurance is now an official program of the American Endurance Ride Conference! The AERC board voted to approve this motion at their midyear meeting and staff have added the annual enrollment, including the $15 fee, as an option on the 2018 membership renewal form so you can pay at one time when you renew!

Registration is now open for 2018. This is done directly through AERC.  The form to join GBE can be found here

The program will have a few changes in 2018.  First, members can join GBE anytime throughout the season, much like AERC.  All members will be automatically enrolled in the individual points program (previously called 1H1R) at the same time, regardless of registration date.  Points will be gin accruing once AERC membership has been finalized.  Each horse/rider unit will accrue points for year end awards through GBE, much like how points accrue for AERC.  Declaring which horse is ridden is no longer needed.  

Team registrations will be done separately, directly through this website, beginning December 1 through February 15th.  Points for teams will again be based on rider mileage and bonus points.  A rider can ride as many horses as they wish and all miles will be included.  

Riders no longer need to choose between "individual" or "teams" program.  All riders are in the individual program.  Teams will be in addition to the individual program for those that opt to sign up.

Bonus points will once again be offered in 2018.  If you obtain a mentor, attend an AERC Endurance 101/102 clinic, or volunteer at an AERC ride, you'll be able to receive bonus points for these activities.   

We hope you'll join us for our first 'official' season of AERC Green Bean Endurance!

Deb Moe, GBE Director
Ricky Stone, GBE Director
Mary Howell, AERC Membership Committee Chair.