Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 Sponsors THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the incredible sponsors of 2016 Green Bean Endurance Competition: Two Horse Tack has just given, and given, and given to this group. Natasha Raina and Two Horse Tack crew Thank you so much. The Riding Warehouse has helped us purchase needed gear with that whopping 15% off discount. The Distance Depot lovingly gave back to our greenest greenies, thank you! Beta Tack gave to our monthly prize drawing, as did The Bag Hag, No Quarter Tack, Taylored Tack, Dabrim, Crazy Legs (love my flaming green) Tights, Ear Me Now offered us some buy two get one for the competition which went into Rendezvous meet up prizes, Nox Gear, US Rider, and Cold Rush all offered us good stuff. I'm afraid I'll miss someone! The stirrup lady!!! Thank you A few riders from our group stepped up to donate and make the gardening experience fun. To all of our sponsors, the donations really helped out our riders, and gave us something to look forward to as we grabbed our hoes and turned up prizes 36 of them! AND the prizes given out at various rides where we gathered to say we are glad you are here! Please remember these sponsors in the future when making your next purchase, the best way to say THANK YOU.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Scoreboard has gone DARK

This is notice that the scoreboard will be going dark until the winners are announced in December .  Get your RIDE on!

Friday, November 4, 2016


Katherine Hornsby dug up some LIME green socks, a chapstick, a fly bonnet, and a soft set of green reins from SPECIALIZED SADDLES.

Jessie Lynn Beck will receive a nice slow feeder net and soft green reins from Specialized Saddles.

Mary Otto won a custom sponge leash from No Quarter Tack.    Congrats ladies!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

That Lovin’ Green Feeling

As many of you may be already aware from the many t-shirts scattered among the regions. the Green Bean Endurance competition continued to draw new riders together, inspire, and foster belonging in the sport. Our little crew’s personal 2016 stats as of October of this year:

Total Miles Attempted: 15,330
Total Miles Completed: 12,650

Overall Completion Rate: 83%
Total Metabolic Pulls: 7
Total Lameness Pulls: 26
Total OT: 9
Total Rider Options: 27

Percent LD to Endurance: 54%
LD Completion Rate: 86%
Endurance Completion Rate: 80%

75's Attempted: 2
75's Completed: 2
Shannon Conrad - Biltmore 75
Kristen Gonyaw - Mustang Memorial

100's Attempted: 7
100's Completed: 5
Phylicia Mann - 20 Mule Team
Sara Borkosky - Biltmore Challenge
Laura Spear - Sunriver Classic
Jenny Gomez - Tevis Cup
Abigail Madden - Tevis Cup

Current TEAM leaders as of October: OTV Pony Tails, Picked The Blazin Belles, High point individuals in the TEAM competition are Debra Tibbitts, Heather Accardo, Cassandra Green and Claire Morris.

In the One Horse One Rider competition: Erin Hurley is leading in OTV and Jen Moore in the Picked/Cooked division.

Seedling Success: Leonardo Fuentes is our “out of the pod” leader.

Our group has had a few regional meet ups this season. The last was hosted by the Daniel Boone Distance Riders at Rendezvous October 8th. Nearly all of our Midwestern riders showed up for the gathering and Two Horse Tack graciously sponsored some beautiful prize give-aways to those in attendance.

2015 was our first season of competition and we had many members among AERC endurance riders at large who helped support the cause. As we segued into year two we focused more on commercial sponsorship, lower rider fees, and bringing our “brand of bean” forward to make our riders recognizable as a vital segment of the endurance riding community with t-shirts and matching splashes of lime green tack.

Deb Moe kept the technology straight, and I have worked the sponsorship end and served as emotional cheer leader for the group, while Maranda Bibb has lovingly nurtured a new small but important segment of our group called Seedling. The cuteness and effort of these kids is amazing. .

All said, we have impacted the sport. We helped to generate close to $12, 000 a year in AERC memberships. Our attendance at rides brought ride managers an estimated $30,000 plus in ride entries. There are also many, many Green Bean riders who are out there winging it independently with their regional groups, totally unrelated to us. This new and younger demographic helps to build AERC strong, and bring fresh excitement to the sport. GBEcompetition is small at about 158 members, and 500 associate (interested) members.

There are in fact many independent Green Bean groups being supported by a handful of motivated people. They go quietly about, doing their work to build that early critical social connection. It is bringing results. Often the argument is thrown back that how it has been is good enough. I counter that with good enough for whom? We in the 50+ generation will be making way, for a new demographic.

TEAM competition? TEAM builds friendships. TEAM inspires completion. TEAM creates an I CAN mindset that pushes riders to grow to their personal best. TEAM offsets the disappointments. TEAM works together to find solutions. TEAM requires membership and inclusion in the larger group and in fact helps to support the bigger organization. Why can we not have Green Bean TEAM riding across our regions mainstream?

So what can you as an individual do to build momentum in the sport? We encourage your clubs to embrace the concept of TEAM riding among the Green Beans across the regions. Offer your intro riders the opportunity Fully embrace Green Bean movement at large and let it in support of AERC.

I will be looking for a good...no, a GREAT and loving home for our Green Bean Endurance Competition . Hopefully under the tent of one of our regional clubs. Deb is moving on to other personal pursuits like family and managing a ride as well as other endurance pursuits, perhaps... I am willing to lead the charge of mainstream GBE Competition, or to hand our beautiful “bushel of beans” over to a set of energetic hands.  In closing, this has been an incredible two year adventure for me in endurance. The GBE Competition has been very personally fulfilling. I really can’t wrap my words around this “thing” that swells inside for this great group of people. I hope we have helped many, I hope that there will be an ever so soft landing spot somewhere in the future for this very active and motivated group. Big thanks to the many supporters, sponsors, and believers. Get your GREEN on!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Focus on seedling: Leonardo Fuentes

 Leonardo Fuentes by Maranda Bibb

 Out of the pod rider, volunteer, crew member Leonardo is fully immersed in The Green Bean Endurance Competition.

Leonardo who is 10 1/2 years old--- has been riding since he was young. Started with his mother and progressed to riding his trusty steed Rainy in local CTR events. He expressed an interest in riding endurance with us and often accompanied us to rides to help out.

 I head a Green bean group for the youngest Beans called the Greenie Beanies, a team of children who operate out of the Seedling Division of Green Bean Endurance. and he instantly wanted to sign up. The kids  get to earn points for various activities that they participate in. He loves watching his points accumulate as he progresses. 

He has been learning a lot, riding with us throughout the summer on a few different horses and has graduated to his mothers mount, Raj. He and Raj attempted a 50 miler at Unicorn Hunt in September. Though his horse passed his first vet check at 25 miles, he decided to RO as Raj wouldn't eat or drink and he felt that it was not a good idea to head back out. He was a bit upset about it, but knew it was the right thing to do. He monitored his horse making sure he ate and drank and made himself very useful around camp, even rode out late at night with ride management to help with the 100 miler that was still out on trail.

 He attempted another 50 being sponsored by an accomplished FEI rider, but they pulled his horse at 40 miles after she suffered a fall. Even after these two non-completions, he is still ready to continue training so that he can try again. He is always willing to help in vet checks, run errands, cart us stuff when we need it, trot horses out for people, or just be silly and make people laugh. He is counting down the days when he can try another 50. He has already had an offer of a horse from a gracious friend, as the two mounts he was planning to ride are on hiatus. I am grateful that many in the endurance community are so willing to step up and help/mentor these juniors.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sharon Knight's Betty

Winner of Two Horse Tack's donated bitless cross under bridle.  The Rocky mare looks great in it!  Betty won BC at DBDR's Rendezvous October 9th.  
Big thank you to Two Horse Tack for making Rendezvous special for the Green Bean Endurance riders in the Midwest!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Great Turn out at RENDEZVOUS

The weather in Indiana simply could not have been any better for the Daniel Boone Distance Riders Rendezvous ride, which also was a meet up for the Green Bean Endurance Competition.   Those who were in attendance included Sharon Knight from Ride the Glide. Sharon was there working as a volunteer and riding for her team.   At our prize drawing Sharon won a beautiful bitless bridle from Two Horse Tack for her horse Sophie.  Kristin Puett  and Terry Hoelscher were in attendance riding for the Cross Town Tornados.   She was also among the walking wounded riding with a taped up up knee in the 50 mile distance and she toughed it out for her team for 50 miles.   Tammi & Scott Thomas were present serving several roles.  Tammi was the ride photographer, Green Bean volunteer, and the couple were riding for team Appy Inc in the LD on Sunday.  Tammi's name was drawn for the "official" Green Bean Endurance halter bridle from Two Horse TackMandy Blankenship was there from the Individual Competition riding in the 50 mile ride.  Tina Ponder from the Cross Town Tornados was riding the LD. Terry Hoelscher was riding for the Cross Town Tornados.   Hannah Osborne was there riding the 50 for her team the Trail Blazers Martina Dale was also riding for the Trail Blazers in the LD distance.   These riders got to pick their own prize which included flat backed buckets full of green bean goodness, and other prizes.  Jacke Reynolds from team Appy Inc was at the ride volunteering,  and meeting riders from the  Green Bean endurance competition riding in the Midwest.  Thank you Daniel Boone Distance riders for allowing our group to RENDEZVOUS at your ride!