Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Badge Worthy!

Jennifer Morris has been badged! For her first 50 at Old Dominion back in April. 

Kudo's for hitting it again in June and so sorry about your 1 minute (1 minute!!!) over time.

Congrats to Kimberly Fosler on her BC at My Back Yard on July 23rd.    Well done!

                                 Karri Koelling won herself a TOP TEN at Idlenook in May.

Rachel Moore completed her first 50 on May 6th at Biltmore

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sponsorship & Sponsors

Green Bean Endurance continues to grow...and grow.   Our membership numbers have swollen to nearly 500!  That my friends is a peck of beans ☺   Our group has been so blessed with outstanding sponsorship that gives gear to our aspiring riders.  One can't say thank you enough, but the best way to thank these wonderful sponsors is to support them with your business when you have a yearning for needful things or to get your GREEN on.

 Our Business Sponsors

Two Horse Tack
The Riding Warehouse
The Distance Depot
The Bag Hag
Crazy Legs Tights
No Quarter Tack
Taylored Tack
Ear Me Now 
Beta Tack
Crestridge Saddlery
Specialized Saddles
The Stirrup Lady
Renegade Hoof Boots (sponsored a group of our TEVIS bound junior riders) 

As well as a few private individual sponsors who have supported the monthly drawings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Scott Thomas: Green Bean Endurance decals for his TEAM.

Ricky Stone: Green Bean Endurance t-shirt in grey. Donated by William Reynolds.

Sheila Larson: a beautiful halter of choice from Two Horse Tack.

Thank you sponsors!  Two Horse Tack, William Reynolds ♥

Sunday, July 31, 2016

WildFire Wendye Gardiner

The Green Bean competitive "concept" was to take a group of new endurance riders and follow them for a 1000 miles.  We received word this morning that Wendeye Gardiner in true endurance rider spirit and flair, dodged a wildfire and finished their pinnacle ride of 1000 miles.

Congratulations from all of us.  The bean is ripe, and ready to be planted in a bigger garden, send off shoots, and produce new vines.  ♥

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Seedling News

One of our littlest beans, Mikayla, getting the green on her new horse ☺  It doesn't get much cuter than this.
 Jeweled Halter Bridle by Two Horse Tack.

Mikayla is an "in the pod" Green Bean Seedling rider.  She has moved up this season from pony to full size horse and is taking riding lessons (including learning to work cows!).  Our seedlings are the future of endurance riding and it has been so incredible watching this little gal step her riding skills.  Way to go Mikayla!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Liability Insurance - $20 AERC Gold Membership is a bargain...

Written by Deb

Did you know that you can get a personal liability policy through AERC to cover injuries or damages to a third party arising out of using your horse?  It's called the "Gold Membership".  It's easily overlooked on the membership form.  Or, if you are an AHA member with a competition card, this insurance is included at no addtional charge.  Many horse organizations offer these Excess Liability Policies to its members, and for good reason.

I neglected to renew my policy last fall.  Big deal, right?  Well, I had an incident occur at last weekend's ride that made me realize just how quick something bad - and costly - can happen.

I was saddling my horse and he thought it was a good idea to pull back.  Even though i was using a safety lead, it broke which caused him to nearly flip over backwards. The truck parked next to me stopped his fall.  He left a huge dent in the box.  Thankfully, nobody - including my horse - was hurt. My new saddle is also okay.  The woman whose truck I hit was at her first endurance event.   She was kind and understanding and told me not to worry as I was crying while apologizing.  She had quite the christening to the World of Crazy That is Endurance, eh?

Knowing I didn't have the policy through AERC, I was fretting over what insurance would cover it. Car? Trailer?  Home owners?  Thankfully my homeowners policy will cover the damage but not all policies cover horse related incidents.  Will yours? For $20/year, this added security is a safe bet.

If you don't carry your own insurance policy, this plan will work as your primary insurance and cover the incident.

I've now added an umbrella policy to my existing plans but will also buy this bargain priced $20 policy for my horsey-adventures.

Call or email the AERC office and they can get you set up the coverage. For questions about the policy you can visit http://www.equisure-inc.com.


Tevis bound Green Beans!

We have several riders Tevis bound for 2016.  Last year Laura Spear (riding Quick, the Spookaloosa) brought home her and the group's vicarious belt buckle.   We have three riders from last year's census headed to Tevis this year, and two from our current batch of competitors.   Our group in its entirety wishes them God speed in this outstanding endeavor!   Want to ride along in spirit?  These riders will all be wearing trackers.  You can see their progress virtually by clicking HERE.

Good luck to all:

  • Abigail Madden (2016 GBE member) riding a 14 year old mule named Shinanigan/
  • Jenny Seames Gomez (2016 GBE member) riding a 9 year old Missouri Fox Trotter mare, Brandy.
  • Cassidy Wiethoff (2015 GBE member & Junior rider) riding a 13 year old Arabian Gelding named Jack.
  • Grace Steffl (2015 GBE member & Junior Rider) will be riding an 8 year old Arab/ Appy gelding named Ajax.
  • Sarah Maas (2015 GBE Mentor of the Year) will be riding an Arab/Appy gelding named Opie.