Friday, October 21, 2016

Focus on seedling: Leonardo Fuentes

 Leonardo Fuentes by Maranda Bibb

 Out of the pod rider, volunteer, crew member Leonardo is fully immersed in The Green Bean Endurance Competition.

Leonardo who is 10 1/2 years old--- has been riding since he was young. Started with his mother and progressed to riding his trusty steed Rainy in local CTR events. He expressed an interest in riding endurance with us and often accompanied us to rides to help out.

 I head a Green bean group for the youngest Beans called the Greenie Beanies, a team of children who operate out of the Seedling Division of Green Bean Endurance. and he instantly wanted to sign up. The kids  get to earn points for various activities that they participate in. He loves watching his points accumulate as he progresses. 

He has been learning a lot, riding with us throughout the summer on a few different horses and has graduated to his mothers mount, Raj. He and Raj attempted a 50 miler at Unicorn Hunt in September. Though his horse passed his first vet check at 25 miles, he decided to RO as Raj wouldn't eat or drink and he felt that it was not a good idea to head back out. He was a bit upset about it, but knew it was the right thing to do. He monitored his horse making sure he ate and drank and made himself very useful around camp, even rode out late at night with ride management to help with the 100 miler that was still out on trail.

 He attempted another 50 being sponsored by an accomplished FEI rider, but they pulled his horse at 40 miles after she suffered a fall. Even after these two non-completions, he is still ready to continue training so that he can try again. He is always willing to help in vet checks, run errands, cart us stuff when we need it, trot horses out for people, or just be silly and make people laugh. He is counting down the days when he can try another 50. He has already had an offer of a horse from a gracious friend, as the two mounts he was planning to ride are on hiatus. I am grateful that many in the endurance community are so willing to step up and help/mentor these juniors.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sharon Knight's Betty

Winner of Two Horse Tack's donated bitless cross under bridle.  The Rocky mare looks great in it!  Betty won BC at DBDR's Rendezvous October 9th.  
Big thank you to Two Horse Tack for making Rendezvous special for the Green Bean Endurance riders in the Midwest!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Great Turn out at RENDEZVOUS

The weather in Indiana simply could not have been any better for the Daniel Boone Distance Riders Rendezvous ride, which also was a meet up for the Green Bean Endurance Competition.   Those who were in attendance included Sharon Knight from Ride the Glide. Sharon was there working as a volunteer and riding for her team.   At our prize drawing Sharon won a beautiful bitless bridle from Two Horse Tack for her horse Sophie.  Kristin Puett  and Terry Hoelscher were in attendance riding for the Cross Town Tornados.   She was also among the walking wounded riding with a taped up up knee in the 50 mile distance and she toughed it out for her team for 50 miles.   Tammi & Scott Thomas were present serving several roles.  Tammi was the ride photographer, Green Bean volunteer, and the couple were riding for team Appy Inc in the LD on Sunday.  Tammi's name was drawn for the "official" Green Bean Endurance halter bridle from Two Horse TackMandy Blankenship was there from the Individual Competition riding in the 50 mile ride.  Tina Ponder from the Cross Town Tornados was riding the LD. Terry Hoelscher was riding for the Cross Town Tornados.   Hannah Osborne was there riding the 50 for her team the Trail Blazers Martina Dale was also riding for the Trail Blazers in the LD distance.   These riders got to pick their own prize which included flat backed buckets full of green bean goodness, and other prizes.  Jacke Reynolds from team Appy Inc was at the ride volunteering,  and meeting riders from the  Green Bean endurance competition riding in the Midwest.  Thank you Daniel Boone Distance riders for allowing our group to RENDEZVOUS at your ride!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Spotlight on Seedling: Meet Mikayla

 Check out the cool helmet! 

This little gal is 7 years old and riding in the pod.  She has completed a lot of learning challenges and has helped her Mom crewing at rides.   She has earn 350 seedling success points so far this season.

 Mikayla's new horse.  She is moving up from pony to full sized ride and can she ever ride!

Cob sized Jeweled bridle courtesy of Two Horse Tack

We have seedlings showing tremendous personal growth as equestrians and parents that want their children to love and learn the sport of endurance riding.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

AERC elections coming up for Director at Large

The future of our sport hinges upon the people making decisions "for us" in the sport of AERC endurance.   If you are a member of our competition or group at large we strongly urge you to explore the potential candidates, what they actually support, or not, and to make use of your ballot and voting right when you get it in the mail.   We are a strong voting block within this organization and hope that you will use that vote for the well-being of the sport as you see it.

From the Green Bean thought perspective here are some of the battle grounds in endurance riding and it is good to know where the future director at large stand on these issues in relation to what you want your sport to be or to become moving into the future.

What defines endurance?  Is endurance 50 miles or more and LD's training rides?  Or should LD be considered its own division of endurance.  Should awards for longer distances exceed awards for shorter distances?   Should rules for LD be the same across all regions as to awarding placements similar or equal to placement of rides of longer mileage.  Should the term "Limited" be dropped in favor of something else?  Does the language even matter?

What about mileage?  Should miles be miles be miles, or should they continue to be separated and counted by the distance you completed?  Does the tally of mileage matter?

What about AERC's relationship with International riding?  Do you feel the negative press concerning the death and injury of endurance horses at the FEI level has an impact on how the sport is viewed here and abroad?  Should we maintain those ties?  Should we push to be the amateur sport that we are proclaimed to be?  Do we need to stay out of it?  Does it matter?

Growth in our census?   Who's leadership will bring growth to our sport.  Especially growth among young people?  Who will have the strength of character to possibly buck the status quo for change?  Who will not give it lip service but buckle down and think outside of the box and grow the sport?
How about Team riding?  Wouldn't it be a fabulous thing to see team riding mainstream?  Do we have a potential candidate that might frame that idea into reality?  Does it matter?

Where do your membership dollars go?   What percentage of revenue comes back to the membership?    Who might best address corporate sponsorship that would come back to the membership?  Does it matter?

Maybe you like endurance just exactly as it is?  Then look to support someone with the same views.
Does it matter?

It does matter.

The point is...what do you want endurance to be?   Pick the brains of the candidates , find those who resonate your values and vision, and then fill out the ballot and return it.  Don't miss your chance to build a stronger and better future for your sport.  It is also your opportunity to give voice to the Green Bean movement at large.  We have leverage as a group with our votes.  Who our leadership is...that is truly up to you.  Let's all make it count ☺

 These are the people running and their respective region for the eight available seats open for vote:

Aubree Becker, SE
Carla Richardson, MT
Christoph Schork, MT
Dana Reeder DVM NE
Dodie Sable, NE
Eileen Reilich, NW
Gabriele Daigneault , PS
Heather Reynolds, SE
Jaya Mae Gregory, W
Kerry Redente, MT
Michael Maul, CT
Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, NE
Natalie Muzzio, NE
Nicole Chappell, W
Olin Balch DVM, NW
Paul Sidio, CT
Robert Marshall DVM, NE
Susan Garlinghouse DVM, W
Tennessee Lane, MT
 Terry Woolley Howe, PS
Timothy Worden, SE
Tonya Stroud-Oaks, MT
Vance Stine, SE

Spotlight on Seedling --- In the Pod of Total CUTENESS

Meet Rowyn Bicking!  She is a SEEDLING with Green Bean Endurance.   Rowyn is seven years old and "in the pod" meaning she is crewing, taking lessons, attending clinics, and has completed an INTRO ride.   As a token of her achievement Two Horse Tack gifted her with this special bridle for her pony.

We are all so proud of our Seedling group of riders.   Some this year have gone "out of the pod" meaning they are competing in LD's or their first 50 mile endurance ride.  The kids are the future of the sport!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Green Bean Riders! Green Bean Rendezvous!!!

Saturday, October 8 at 6 AM - 9 PM

  • DBDR Rendezvous, October 8-9 Hoosier National Forest, Near Bloomington, Indiana at the Hoosier Horse Camp.
The Daniel Boone Distance Rders have graciously allowed us to have a Green Bean Endurance rendezvous at this ride. It is a great opportunity to meet one another in person, ride, crew, or volunteer and show your green pride ☺ We will have a drawing at the awards for a cool Green Bean prize!!! Please wear your GREEN BEAN SHIRT!!! If you can't ride it, come on down and crew for someone , or volunteer to be a pulse checker, in/out timer, or vet scribe. As a courtesy please let the ride organizers at DBDR know you are coming ahead of time. Hope to see you there! You may visit the Daniel Boone Distance Riders page here: http://www.dbdr.org/Ride%20Cal.htm If you are riding be sure and get your reservations made at Hoosier Horse Camp early☺
Also if you will be in attendance or riding on the 8th be sure to let Jacke Reynolds (tag on facebook or admin@greenbeanendurance.org) know you will be there that day.   We will be having a drawing for some fun prizes for the Green Beans in attendance.  Thanks all!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September's Flash prize drawing winners are...

Sue Schedin was the lucky recipient of a bridle of choice from Two Horse Tack.   Sue chose their western full brow bridle in our favorite color LIME GREEN.  Thank you Two Horse Tack!

Sarah Phillips Baker won a sponge and leash combo donated by one of our Green Bean Endurance competitors.  Thank you Erin Hurley Rosser ☺

Our third winner this month was Daniel McCaslin.   He will receive a slow feeder hay net donated by our group fund at Green Bean Endurance.

Prize winners for this season:  Sarah Borkosky, Tricia Crouch, Stush Sadowski, Kristin Glaze, Sherry Blenden, Marilyn Walker, Victoria Kelly, Katie Glaze, Rebecca Jones, Sarah Bolt, Terry Hoelscher, Cindy Glatz, Gina Hambrich, Stacey Campbell, Robin Gallowglas, Jana Thompson, Kristen Delk, Whitney Lowe, Scott Thomas, Ricky Stone, and Sheila Larson.

Most of our prizes are sponsored by:
Two Horse Tack
The Riding Warehouse
The Distance Depot
Taylored Tack
Ear Me Now
Crazy Legs Tights
The Bag Hag
Crest Ridge Saddlery
No Quarter Tack
Beta Tack
The Stirrup Lady
Specialized Saddles
Individual sponsors from within our group.

The very best way to say thank you to this list of incredible sponsors is make your next purchase from one of their online stores!