Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ready to get your GREEN on?

Use your Green Bean Endurance 10% off code this month on reins from Two Horse Tack.  Even if green is not your favorite color, there is a color for you with your sponsored code.

Use your members only promo code at check out. Good for the month of February.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two Horse Tack wants to help Grow the Green Bean Garden!

Complete  your chores (don't worry, these are fun!) and be entered to win one of three complete tack sets.

Everyone in Teams and 1H1R is automatically entered and you don't need to submit anything. We'll take care of all the tracking.

Let's get busy!

Bean Sprouting

Who qualifies? On the Vine riders

Garden chores: Obtain a mentor, volunteer a full day at a ride, and complete a ride of 25+ miles.

Bean Blooming

Who qualifies? Picked riders

Garden chores: Obtain a mentor, volunteer a full day at a ride, and complete back to back LD’s on the same horse or a ride of 50+ miles.

Bean Epic

Who qualifies? Cooked riders

Garden chores: Obtain a mentor, volunteer a full day at a ride, and complete four 50’s on the same horse this season or a ride of 75+ miles.

(Only AERC sanctioned events qualify for both volunteering and riding)

All riders finishing their chores will automatically go into a drawing for a tack set from Two Horse Tack: Bridle (western, or halter style), reins, and breast collar. Color combo of choice. To keep, or to share with a bean in need.

Thank you to our sponsor Two Horse Tack

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Growing Pains

Green Bean Endurance is entering its third year and as we've grown, we want to add a clarity to what on earth we offer.  And while a lot of our members thrive on 'competition', we want to focus on the "challenge".  Being Green and starting out in distance and endurance riding can be a challenge - and we think the programs offered by GBE can make it just a bit easier and in a *really fun way*.

We all challenge each other to do our best and at the end of the season, we celebrate each other's successes.

You'll see a gradual change from the word "competition" over to "challenge" here and in our groups.  It might cause a link to break or some mismatched descriptions.  Bear with us while we undergo a little maintenance.

Ricky & Deb

Sunday, December 11, 2016

2017 Registration is open

2017 Registration is OPEN!

Registration is now open for 2017 Green Bean Endurance Competition.  There are a few changes this year.  The first BIG change is Jacke has decided to take a step back from directing the program in order to focus on her family needs.  She is, and always will be, the heart and soul of this program and we can't thank her enough.  Your current directors are Deb Moe and Ricky Stone.  Ricky joined GBE 2016 as a team rider and when the word got out that we might not be able to get 2017 going, he stepped in and is happy help.  Thank you Ricky!!

Changes to the competition for 2017

1) TEAM riders are now eligible to get bonus points! Each rider on a team can achieve 15 points for getting a mentor, up to 20 points for volunteering, up to 30 points for attending endurance clinics, and up to 30 points for completing an intro or novice ride..  A full day of volunteering is 10 points. 

2)  We are now calling the "individual" program "One Horse: One Rider".  It's basically the same as least year except we are allowing one swap out to a different horse without affecting accumulated points.  

3) We will be enforcing the new rule that requires all rides and bonus points to be submitted within 15 days of the event.  So please remember to submit your forms right away.

4) New this year is an Endomondo riding challenge only open to registered team and 1h:1r participantes.  This is where you can record all of your training miles for the entire season.  The dates for this match our competition dates of Dec 1 to Nov. 30.

5) Each rider must submit their own registration form for liability reasons.

6) Fees will be $15/rider this year.  Between paypal fees, shipping costs, and the desire to give out a few more awards, we felt the need to increase our fee.  

Complete list of rules

Don't forget to spread some green bean love and recruit your friends!  We can't wait to have you!

Good luck to all of you!

Please submit the Registration form FIRST.  Then pay. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Green Bean Seedling: 2016 Seedling Success Points!

At Green Bean Endurance we believe that our kids are extra special. We had six young riders join up in 2016 ages 6-10. In the pod riders have not completed above intro level. Out of the pod riders have moved up to LD and / or Endurance riding. We awarded the seedling group success points for the following activities: Volunteerism at an AERC ride, crewing for an endurance rider, equestrian riding lessons, Intro Rides, LD’s, and Endurance. The point behind seedling is to instill an appreciation for all aspects of being an endurance participant. Leonardo Fuentes not only rode in sanctioned rides, he volunteered, and he crewed, sometimes both in the same day. Congrats Leonardo on 1498 success points out of the pod. Alexandra Coffey was also out of the pod, she rode LD and Endurance earning 1412.5 seedling success points. Madeleine Rogers is in the pod. She grew as a rider taking lessons and also volunteered at an AERC ride earning 775 seedling success points. Ethen Garn was out of the pod riding LD and volunteered at an AERC ride earning 587.5 seedling success points. Mikayla Mann was in the pod. She took lessons, and crewed for her mom who rides endurance earning 375 seedling success points. Rowyn Bicking was in the pod and took lessons and completed her very first intro ride earning 165 seedling success points. Congratulations and thank you for learning, crewing, volunteerism, and riding with our group. A big thank you to Maranda Bibb for managing the Seedling Division. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 Sponsors THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the incredible sponsors of 2016 Green Bean Endurance Competition: Two Horse Tack has just given, and given, and given to this group. Natasha Raina and Two Horse Tack crew Thank you so much. The Riding Warehouse has helped us purchase needed gear with that whopping 15% off discount. The Distance Depot lovingly gave back to our greenest greenies, thank you! Beta Tack gave to our monthly prize drawing, as did The Bag Hag, No Quarter Tack, Taylored Tack, Dabrim, Crazy Legs (love my flaming green) Tights, Ear Me Now offered us some buy two get one for the competition which went into Rendezvous meet up prizes, Nox Gear, US Rider, and Cold Rush all offered us good stuff. I'm afraid I'll miss someone! The stirrup lady!!! Thank you A few riders from our group stepped up to donate and make the gardening experience fun. To all of our sponsors, the donations really helped out our riders, and gave us something to look forward to as we grabbed our hoes and turned up prizes 36 of them! AND the prizes given out at various rides where we gathered to say we are glad you are here! Please remember these sponsors in the future when making your next purchase, the best way to say THANK YOU.