Monday, June 15, 2015

Teams are ON FIRE!!!

It was an amazing and gratifying weekend for Green Bean Endurance.org ©    So many team rides that the ride secretary's head is spinning!   The Mileage Mamas had several riders at The Old Dominion in Virginia.  They also brought home a notable "first" for the competition with Dale Weaver completing the Old Dominion 100 Cavalry.  How's that for a bean?  In one weekend the leader board has changed and as of this writing the Mileage Mama's have moved into first position.  Bringing up the Rear put four rides on the scoreboard this weekend.  Blazin' Belles logged in a 1st and 2nd place finish with Bibb Crew's horse getting BC/and High vet score.   Not all of our riders this weekend have turned in their rides, so the scoreboard will shift again...I'm sure.  Well done. Congrats everyone!

 Bibb Crew
 Dale Weaver on his "now" hundred mile Old Dominion butt kicking horse!

Current standings below:

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