Friday, November 20, 2015



IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL TEAMS RIDERS: Please share with all of your TEAMS riders!!! To claim a completion prize or to receive a year end award we need your NAME, Shipping Address, etc. There is a link above for your use DO NOT POST HERE publicly for privacy reasons. If you turned in ANY miles what-so-ever you qualify for a completion award this year. Please fill out the form linked above so we will have the info we need to ship your prizes and contact you as necessary. We expect that with the competition ending in unison with the holiday shipping calendar, that prizes will "trickle" in rather than flow in one mighty wave. I did indeed this morning have the epiphany that I would be addressing these ALL *lol* so please be patient with me smile emoticon I promise to do my best ! I must stress that I need your info to ship. We have collected emails in the past but not shipping addresses. So please share, share, share with your TEAM members. You all worked hard this year and I want you to recieve your awards and at the minimum a token of our appreciation, 'cause you all seriously rocked this ride season! ~Jacke

P.S.  When you get your actual AWARDS   photos would be AWESOME  and appreciated.  Let's build & promote Green Bean Team for 2015-2016!

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