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What is Green Bean Endurance Challenge?

We are a group of riders who are navigating our way through the first few seasons of distance riding. We recognize it’s not always easy being “green” and sometimes just making a connection to another rider can really make a huge difference in being successful.

You earn points for riding at AERC events and also for various bonus items including volunteering, up to 30 miles of intro rides, attending an endurance clinic, and also for finding a mentor. It doesn't matter if you win or get last place, the points awarded are by completion only.  The point structure is weighted based on the distance of the ride.  LD's are 1 point per mile, 50s are 1.25 points per mile, 75's are 1.5 points per mile, and the grand daddy 100 is 1.75 points per mile.

GBE is a volunteer organization and program fee are used for funding year end prizes, postage, supplies, and our domain fees.

Registration for 2017 is now closed.  Registration runs between Dec 1-Feb 15.

Which program is right for you?

Green Bean Endurance offers three different programs for our riders.  Not sure which one to pick?  Change your mind?  It’s okay  - let us know and we can help.

Don’t forget to review the rules for more information.  To qualify, you must be an AERC member and have less than 1,000 combined AERC LD + Endurance mileage.

All participants are also automatically eligible to participate in the Endomondo Challenge.

Teams - $15 fee per rider

Teams are comprised of up to 5 riders.  There are no requirements to actually ride *together* in person but some of our teams do.  It also doesn’t matter which distance each teammate rides – all miles ridden at an AERC event count towards the team total.  Points are awarded to the rider individually and tallied toward the team totals.  A rider can earn points on multiple horses all season. 

Awards are given out to the top finishing teams according to their overall team experience division.  All team members earn an award as long as at least one point is earned by that rider.  Awards are also given to the high point riders according to that rider’s experience division.  

We can help you find a team or help you find members to join your team.  A survey is available to let us know you’d like help. 

Point summaries are shown in a scoreboard.  Check out the 2016 Team Scoreboard

1H1R (One Horse One Rider) - $15 fee per rider

1H1R is focused on a horse and rider unit.  You compete against other 1H1R competitors for year-end awards according to your experience level.  At the start of the season, you specify which horse you plan to ride for the year and all ride points are earned on that horse only.  If you have some extenuating circumstance and are unable to continue to participate on that horse, we allow a one-time only swap to a new horse.  All points earned will be retained from the original horse.  Similar to teams, bonus points are awarded. Unlike Teams, 1H1R has no limit to the number of points you can earn through volunteering.  

Point summaries are shown in a scoreboard.  Check out the 1H1R 2016 Scoreboard.

Seedlings - free

For our newest and youngest riders, we offer a free program that offers a special way to recognize these up and coming endurance riders.  AERC membership is required for this program. Seedlings are 12 and under and have no more than 2 LD’s and/or 1 Endurance completion.  These kids earn points for many different items including taking a riding lesson, crewing for another rider, volunteering, attending a clinic, completing an intro or novice distance ride, and of course for riding in an LD or Endurance event. 

This program is funded through sponsorships and all participants earning at least one point will be given a year end participation prize.  Additional awards may be given depending on the generosity of our sponsors.  Thank you to Maranda Bibb for administrating this cool program!

Check out the Seedlings 2016 Scoreboard

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