Green Bean Endurance Challenge Directors

Deb Moe

Hi Green Beans! Green Bean Endurance Challenge was created in the winter of 2014 through collaboration between 3 ladies, Jillane Baros, Jacke Reynolds, and myself.  We launched the program in 2015.  Jacke and I continued it in 2016, and this year, our 3rd season, leadership evolved again to be myself and Ricky Stone.  Jacke is still a part of GBEC but the day-to-day management is left to us. 

I am very much still new to this sport, having  completed my first season in 2014 but sadly ending it with a horse that had some lameness issues.  Fast forward to 2017 and I have ridden 185 miles of LD's on 5 different horses, thanks to good friends who let me borrow their pony for the day.  I am optimistic that my new horse, Dragon, (in the photo above) has the kinks worked out so we can compete in 2017.    He is a big 15.3hh, 9 year old quarab that is quirky, opinionated, sensitive, and an absolute blast to ride.  His prior owner completed a 50 on him so I know he has the potential to do well.

I decided to run Green Bean Endurance because I am passionate about this sport and I find incredible satisfaction from seeing people achieve their goals.  I love to see people get excited about a sport that I love, too.  I also am a big data geek and enjoy the technical part of running this program. 

I'm a member of AERC, UMECRA, MnDRA, AHDRA, and AHA.  I'm also the webmaster for www.mndra.com.  By day I work in IT supporting finance for a large corporation. If you ever need to chat, feel free to send me a PM on Facebook.  Best of luck to you and thanks for stopping by GBEC!

Ricky Stone


Hello Everyone!  My name is Ricky Stone.  I have had the pleasure to join into the sport of endurance when I began dating my wife three years ago.  After learning to ride, I began training with her for 15-20 miles at a time and I was hooked!  I ride a mare that was used lightly on trail prior to me purchasing her.  She is now 13 years old and was a craigslist find!  She is an ARab and loves to go down the trail.  Last season we completed four 50 milers and a 30 mile ride with no problems.  I joined Green Bean Endurance Challenge last season and truly believe it is a great way to connect, learn, and enjoy the sport!  I offered to step in to fulfill a director role this season and was happy to keep the program going.

Founding Director

Jacke Reynolds