Endomondo Leaderboards

This is the leaderboard for the private Endomondo challenge for our paid participants. Log your training, conditioning, and competition miles ridden on your horses. Thank you to The Distance Depot for sponsoring a prize at year end for the rider with the most miles.

NOTE:  If you know you're in these challenges in endomondo but your name is not shown below, it's likely due to a privacy setting on your endomondo profile.  You do not need to adjust your privacy settings for this unless you want to.

Greenbean Endurance Riding (Members Only) Challenge

This leaderboard is for the most miles riding all horses for each GB member.  These miles can be earned while training, conditioning, or competing.  The activity called "riding" must be selected for Endomondo to include those miles.

Greenbean Endurance Fitness (Members Only) Challenge

This leaderboard is for the most minutes logged by a member for many types of fitness activities.

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