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Without our Green Bean Endurance.org © sponsors we just couldn't get our beans in a row! Please take a moment to visit the websites of our current and past Green Bean Sponsors, and if you place an order with a vendor, let them know we appreciate their generosity to all of us!  

Considering a sponsorship?  

 ***It is important to note up front that we are not a tax deductible/ charitable organization.  We are endurance riders, organizing competition at beginner level for other endurance riders.

 Platinum Level:  Sponsorship at Platinum level is a partnership blending of promotion , Membership and TEAMS support for competition.

Examples: Two Horse Tack is a platinum level sponsor. They support a monthly discount code for tack.  As well as a year award drawing for those who meet the Green Bean Endurance challenges of obtaining a mentor, volunteering at a ride, and meeting ride goals set by GBEC.  A platinum level sponsor will be donating at the $500 and above level.

TWO HORSE TACK  is a Platinum level sponsor of The Green Bean Endurance Competition!  They specialize in beta/biothane tack from mini to draft!  Two horse has virtually every style of bridle available in the market today.   Items in their store include bridles, breast collars, cruppers, halters,  leathers, reins, martingales, harness, bit hangers, and more.   They even cater to your pooch with beautiful collars and leashes.  Their products are pretty, supple, easy to care for, affordable, and sturdy.  Easy to use, easy to maintain, and the color combinations are nearly limitless.  This is Two Horse Tack's third year sponsoring the Green Bean Endurance Challenge. The discount code schedule is for 10% off : March/crupper, April/leathers, May/reins, June / any replacement parts, July/halter bridles, Aug/halters, Sept/ breast collars, Oct / bitless bridles, Nov/item of choice.

Gold Level:  Sponsorship at this level consists of either sponsorship of a TEAM for the season, or year- end awards for multiple TEAM/INDIVIDUAL winners.   The sponsor and their product are promoted on our website for a year, (our site is picking up great traffic with the endurance crowd), then are again promoted when year -end awards are given as either a sponsor or award giver for that group.   Our Gold level sponsors are donating at the $250 or above (estimated) level.
Examples of past sponsorship:  Artist engraved glass awards for our TOP TEN, custom pottery for our MENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD, Tack for an entire TEAM that is defending their 2015 championship in 2016.

CUSTOM CORRAL was a Gold level Green Bean sponsor having provided etched glass for the TOP TEN AWARDS in 2015.

Riding Warehouse is a Gold level sponsor.  This season they offer our membership special group only promo codes as well as sponsorship of our entire SEEDLINGS division.  Please remember them for your next purchase!


The Distance Depot is a GOLD LEVEL sponsor for our competitors with less than 500 miles.  They are taking to heart the needs of our riders early in their endurance adventures!  The Distance Depot's sponsorship supports On the Vine, Picked, Junior, and Seedling Divisions with a 15% discount on gear.
Be sure and say thanks with your purchase!
Contact Deb Moe or Jacke Reynolds if you need the code. 
Promotion expires Dec 1, 2016.

 US RIDER is sponsoring a promotion for Green Bean Endurance.  Purchase a year plan and receive a thirteenth month FREE.   Click here to benefit from this unique opportunity for savings!
Expires May 31, 2016

Starfire Design Studios is a Gold level sponsor.  They sponsored Beautiful custom pottery for our Mentor of the Year award as well as special rider awards in 2015.

Silver Level:  In this case a sponsor donates to our FLASH PRIZE DRAWING.  We in return promote the sponsor with a clickable link for the duration of the competition, and show case them & their product (if photos are provided for our use) on our website during the month of the give away.  These prizes have been between $25-125 in value. Crazy Legs Tights is a 2016 Silver Level Sponsor having sponsored one of our February giveaway prizes.  Give them a visit for your next set of  official lime/black tights!

Silver Level Sponsor for our monthly prize drawing!

Taylored Tack, Da-brim, and Hooves & Whiskers are all past and present sponsors of our flash prize drawings. Starfire Design Studio  donated our custom logo as well as equestrian pottery for year end prizes in 2015!  We thank all these vendors for making our groups ride season a success.

Examples of other past sponsorships:   Halters, bridles, blankets, coolers, brushes, combs, sponges (GREEN), sponge leashes,  WA-POM,  custom pottery, custom painted model horse, we were even donated an AQHA foal (which we respectfully declined).

 Bronze Level Sponsor:

Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets joined us for a very unique sponsorship that will allow donated gear to come back to Green Bean for prizes.  Check them out!

It is our preference that sponsored prizes go from the source, straight to the recipient so the sponsor is SURE their gift reaches that recipient.  The only exception will be items that we will custom embroider for the winners (rump rugs, blankets).
Items of interest to our group:

Green Halters & matching lead ropes   (for our INDIVIDUAL year end award for Top Mileage/ High Point/ and Volunteer of the Year).
Black rump rugs  (for us to embroider for year end team awards)
Lime Green saddle pads (Coolbacks)
Green feed pans, buckets, brushes, etc. (LIME)
T-shirts for our riders   (LIME)
Full Tack Set  (MENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016)
Any other useful endurance equestrian product (water bottle holders, etc.)
Waterproof LIME GREEN blankets
You name it!

Other ways to sponsor a prize?

Our FLASH PRIZE DRAWING is a game, played once monthly by our group.   We need a flash prize of $25 or more value once per month.

 Sponsor’s choice contest:  Let us know how YOU might like to promote these fresh and excited endurance riders. 

Promo codes: 

Our promo code sponsors include: Riding Warehouse, The Distance Depot, NoxGear,  Crest Ridge Saddlery.  These are members only discount codes on purchase price or shipping.  Promo codes are extremely valuable to our group at large.   If you are vendor willing to sponsor a promo code please contact us at admin@greenbeanendurance.org

 At this time we are needing year end sponsors for:  competition winners in all four divisions (On the Vine, Picked, Cooked,  & Individual,  as well as combined divisional top ten.   The award most dear to us is Mentor of the Year ♥.
Starfire Designs 2015 sponsor of Mentor of the Year and other prizes in the Green Bean Endurance Competition

Thank you Specialized Saddles for sponsoring a prize for our monthly FLASH PRIZE DRAWING!

If  we can be of further assistance, please contact me by email: admin@greenbeanendurance.org

 Our 2016 business sponsors:

Two Horse Tack    sponsors a prize each month! and provided gear to an entire team 2016!!!
Riding Warehouse sponsors our membership with a 15% off promo code! And our entire Seedlings Division!
Taylored Tack

Hooves n Whiskers
Crazy Legs Tights
Custom Corral
Starfire Design Studio      
The Distance Depot   Promo code sponsor for 15% off!
 Your business next?

 One of the great benefits of becoming a Green Bean Endurance member is special offers through promo codes with one of our sponsoring vendors.   To qualify you must sign up for free membership on our website.   If you are on our membership list you can request the promo code at any time.   Promo codes are not to be shared outside of our group!

 Our Individual 

Carrie Schene: donation of imprinted ditty back packs to add to our monthly prize
offerings! Thanks Carrie ☺ Visit her website at shirtsnmore.com

Sandi Derr: Who's donation purchased the box of magical green cooling sponges and leashes for give-a-ways to our membership ☺ Thank you!

Shannon Conrad: Thank you for the brushes, hoof picks, sponges, braiding bands, and combs! 

Anonymous sponsors : Wish to remain anonymous, we thank you!

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