Time to sign up for 2018 Teams!

Do you have a team in mind?  Fill out your team's information using this link:

  • If you don't have 5 people right now, it's okay. Leave the names blank and pick "open spot". 
  • If you don't have a team name picked out, leave it as Team Number x. You have until Feb 15th to decide on a name.
  • If you are waiting to hear back from someone, enter their name and pick "tentative".
  • Try to appoint one person to keep this list up to date for your team.
  • Enter complete information for each teammate.

Do you need help finding a team or forming a team? 

Use this survey and we'll help. https://goo.gl/forms/G6J6mmpzTXDqBemU2

  • You must be an AERC and Green Bean member.
  • Teammates do not need to live by each other. These are virtual teams. 
  • All ages and mixes of experiences can be on a team.
  • All miles you complete with for all of your horses go to the team total.
  • Team registration ends Feb 15.
  • A rider may be substituted after Feb 15 if no team miles have accrued. One swap only.
  • If you are on a team, you are still able to accrue points individually for overall high point rider awards.
  • Teams points include all horses ridden by each rider.

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